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Teckwrap Craft Vinyl Burst Shimmer

Teckwrap Craft Vinyl Burst Shimmer

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Teckwrap Craft Vinyl

To all shimmer lovers! We have a great product for you that will animate your crafts and projects adding liveliness and vigor to them – the Burst Shimmer Adhesive Vinyl.

The 5ft rolls of Burst Shimmer Adhesive Vinyl give a craftsperson ample liberty to show their workmanship. They can easily make both large and small scale projects in six different shimmery hues.

It is thin and easily malleable so you can use any craft cutter that you like to carve a design out of it, even if it is the most intricate of patterns. Cut with confidence as your design will not tear or warp during the process. 

However, we recommend a test cut first. Weed off the extra vinyl. Before pasting, prepare the surface of your choice. It can easily be transferred to any smooth, clean, dust-free and dry surface.

Apply transfer tape on your design smoothing it out with a squeegee to remove creases and air bubbles. Paste it on the surface, slowly remove the transfer tape and behold the joyous miracle transformation!

Our Burst Shimmer Adhesive Vinyl has wide application. You can customize everything from your favorite tumbler to your laptop or even that plain mirror on your wall. It is perfect for making decorations for special occasions such as Christmas, Halloween, birthdays and anniversaries.

You can make personalized invites, gift cards or greeting cards with it or paste it on keychain or bookmark blanks to gift them to your near and dear ones as keepsake. Make home décor items, wall and window graphics or phone stickers - the sky is the limit!

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