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Teckwrap Christmas Pattern HTV

Teckwrap Christmas Pattern HTV

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Teckwrap Christmas HTV

Teckwrap Christmas Pattern HTV, Available in 5 designs, in 10" x 5ft vinyl roll. The film is thin, durable, malleable and extremely easy to cut, weed and apply no matter how intricate your design might be or what your favorite vinyl cutting machine is.

With an adhesive that creates a strong bond with the surface, the vinyl works best with cotton, polyester and cotton/poly blends. You can create identical t-shirts with it for all your siblings, cousins, friends and other family members, or create an exquisite and unique craft that defines your signature style.

Simply cut your favorite design, and weed off the extra vinyl. Keep it at the spot where you want your design to be with a parchment paper on top and transfer using an iron or a heat press. Press evenly and once the vinyl has adhered, let the design cool down before removing the protective film.


Embellishes your shirts, t-shirts, caps, bags, shoes, jeans, aprons, and home décor items made with fabric.
Thin, durable and long lasting.
Eco-friendly and non-toxic. Perfectly safe to use.

Aftercare Information

Do not wash in machine or tumble dry. Wash the fabric with hands.
Do not wring.
Do not dry directly under the sun.
Do not bleach the fabric.

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